Discover the volcanoes of the Auvergne. This giant chain of almost 80 extinct volcanoes is unique in Europe. The highest and most famous peak is the “Puy de Dome” near Clermont Ferrand, feared by many “Tour de France” cyclists! From its summit, you have a marvellous view of the surrounding volcanoes.

At Clermont Ferrand, you will also find the “Vulcania” theme park. Opened in 2002, Vulcania contains fascinating, interactive displays demonstrating everything you ever wanted to know about volcanoes. To the south of Pradis, is the town of Le Puy-en-Velay. Just arriving there is a sensational experience. Located in the bowl of a volcanic cone, the town teeters on a stunning series of rock outcrops and giant basalt pillars. The town has three peaks, each topped with a church or statue. Seen from afar, this represents one of the most dramatic sights in France. Le Puy’s main attraction is however its medieval Holy City – a centre for pilgrims dating back to A.D. 962.   

There is so much to do. The nearby town of Ambert is just 5km from Pradis, and hosts a lively market on Thursday mornings, where you can buy local cheese (the blue Fourme d’Ambert is world-renowned), sausage, honey, clothes and handicrafts.  You can visit castles, museums and churches. And what about delta- para flying, rock climbing and swimming? But if you prefer, you can also just stay at the farm, relaxing, painting, drawing, or just find a quiet spot to enjoy a good book…Pradis is the ideal place for a holiday with friends, family or companions