Nature and environmentNature and environment


The mountain paths are strewn with wild berries, forest strawberries and wild plums - but the most famous are the blueberries known as “myrtille”.  August is the season of the “myrtille”, a highlight of which is the harvest festival at the “Col du Beal” where local people sell their homemade blueberry pies, jams and sauces. Visit the weekly market in ambert where you can find local cheeses, meat, and homemade bread to really ‘taste’ the Auvergne

We are located in the centre of the 300,000 hectare Parc Livradois-Forez, 5km from the market town of Ambert.                                     

The hills of Billom, the  mountains from the “Forez”, the highlands from the Livradois and the valley of the Dore. Mountain streams, mills, lakes, fields, forests offer a spectacular and varied landscape.The isolation and tranquillity of the Auvergne, far from pollution, industry and centres of population, encourage the presence of numerous mammals, which can be found living in the Natural Park. Foxes, deer, wild boar, pine marten and ermine can all be found. More than 30 species of bird can be found including numerous birds of prey - from the smaller hawks and kestrels to magnificent, soaring eagles.  So don’t forget to bring your binoculars!                                 

Narcissus, wild orchids and Turkish lilies can all be found on the mountain pastures, as well as the well-known “gentian”.  With its large yellow flowers and statuesque height of up to 2 metres, it is easy to recognize. The gentian roots, once crushed and prepared with a special alcohol are turned into a very particular liqueur that you simply have to taste while in the Auvergne!