Useful suggestions

Saturday is arrival day of all riders (week,- o halfweek) You are welcome from 15.30hrs, if delayed after 19.30hrs please send us a message so we know for diner. In case of travel problems don’t hesitate to contact us  tel: 0033 473826663 or 0033 666327879

Riders; maximum weight 85kg body mass index <29.50

Helmets are an obligation

Towels are available, but for outdoor use ( swimming, sunbading..) please take your home-towel

Clothes in different layers; easy adaptable for all kinds of weather. Comfortable, easy to walk with riding boots + chaps. Rubber boots or jodphurs are to slippery and warm in the summer. Small saddlebags are available to take your usual stuff ( camera, suncream, handkerchief, etc) during the trails

For those who go on a 4 days trail; Don’t forget your sleeping bag!

Please notify any other detail before arrival such as: Diet (sugarfree, vegetarien, glutenfree) or Medication ( insuline, bloodpressure, astma etc…)