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Natural Parc Livradois Forez in the South of France. Small professional horsefarm with excellent care for the horses and riders. Outdoor riding in the mountain range of the Auvergne in a safe and comfortable way.

At an altitude of 700m, far away from traffic and industry, only the noise of the wind, birds, crickets and now and than a snorting horse.

Small manageable groups, professional english spoken guide & well trained horses enable you to relax and enjoy both your ride and the natural beauty of your surroundings. We can offer  half-, and dayrides, week,- or halfweek arrangements on full board basis. Just contact for more info.



Pradis is located about 500km south of Paris in the Livradois mountain range, in the east of the Auvergne, itself part of France’s huge central plateau of ancient granite and crystalline rock known as the Massif Central. Pradis is situated in a particularly beautiful and unspoilt part of the Auvergne, within the Livradois-Forez National nature park, a mountainous area divided by the river “la Dore”. Here you will find authentic French country living, with few foreign influences and no mass tourism……



Overlooking the valley of the River Dore, and the mountains of the Forez Regional Natural Park, the traditional stone-built farmhouse is surrounded by 5 acres of hill pasture ensuring privacy, tranquillity and stunning views of the Livradois Mountains. A substantial ‘farmers’ breakfast (bread, cheese, pastries, yoghurt, cooked meats, fruit juice) plus unlimited coffee is served “al fresco” at the ‘country’ table, providing you with an excellent start to the day’s activities.

Non-riders can choose for bed & breakfast, half or full board for their stay at Pradis. Riding programs are based on a full board stay. They will be treated to a picnic in the woods during the day rides and a home-cooked evening meal prepared with local products like the famous cheeses, honest meat, and delicious mushrooms and myrtilles from this region.


Our horses live outdoors in large fields with shelters. They are familiar with the natural hierarchy of the herd, wich makes them very easy to handle.

As they have to work very hard during the trails over the many ascents and descents, we have selected our horses on their good bone structure and gentle characters. Different breeds, from thorough blood till Haflingers, from Pinto’s to Arab horses. Every horse possessing his own qualities and personality. Getting out together on day-trails, feeding, and grooming them makes bounding with your horse very easy…

You will be surprised at their strength and agility.
Please enter our photo gallery to meet “les chevaux magnifiques” of Pradis..

For Who?



A holiday at Pradis is for everyone who loves the peace and quiet of the country life, but appreciates the comforts of home. At Pradis ‘outdoor paradise’ you can relax, unwind and discover the natural beauty of this rural part of France.

Last 10 years success and our passion for horseriding holidays made us decide to reservate our farmhouse between 01 June till 15 september only for the so called ‘horseriding programs’. But you are, more than welcome to stay at our holiday rental (gîte) wich is for rent whole year

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