Breeding & raising

Our life passion is to be surrounded by horses of all ages. So with plenty of pastureland wich provides us in more then enough hay, the idea of raising & breeding horses started in 2021.

We fell in love with 2 beautifull male yearlings (Kadhar & Sarran) followed by 4 fillies (Lyna, Rio, Loubna & Laissa), the foundation of our new project

With 38 hectacres of pastureland, our youngsters enjoy a carefree childhood, where they mature into well balanced horses, ready to meet their futur « human » -friend.

You can follow us on Facebook, just type ‘ élevage Pradis ’ to stay updated and to enjoy the lovely video’s and images, but also meet them during a stay in our holiday rental.



For Who?



A holiday at Pradis is for everyone who loves the peace and quiet of the country life, but appreciates the comforts of home. At Pradis ‘outdoor paradise’ you can relax, unwind and discover the natural beauty of this rural part of France.

Last 23 years success and our passion for horseriding holidays made us decide to reservate our farmhouse between 01 May – 15 september only for the so called ‘horseriding programs’. But you are, more than welcome to stay at our holiday rental “le Gîte”.

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